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Review BIRTCHFIELD CLOSE by Jon McNaught

I received this book at no cost from the publisher. .

Review BIRTCHFIELD CLOSE by Jon McNaughtBirchfield Close by Jon McNaught
ISBN: 095621357X
Published by Nobrow Press on April 10th 2012
Pages: 30

"Birchfield Close is comics as a theme, a mood, poetry perhaps. Evoking so much, saying little on the surface, yet what the reader takes away is a profound sense of wonder. Beautiful."—Forbidden Planet
In his first graphic novella, Jon McNaught captures the beauty and peacefulness of our childhood neighborhoods and transports us back to those clear evenings dotted with pink fluffy clouds and the sound of silence we have come to yearn for after years of living in the bustle of the city.
Jon McNaught is a comic book artist, printmaker, and freelance illustrator. He lives in Bristol, United Kingdom.

Told in graphic form, this short and very cool little comic book moves through a moody landscape of two friends as they move throughout the day.  If you love English humor, this will really appeal to you.  It is quiet and slow moving but has all of the atmosphere of the countryside in spring.  It is a quick read and the images are nicely done.