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This hop starts on Saturday October 22 at 9am Pacific! As I verify the post links I marked them with a ~, so check those first.

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  1. Dawn Monzu says

    I am dressing up as a Zombie. I’m not going anywhere, I am just going to be handing out candy with my son. We should have a great time together!

  2. Stephanie H. says

    At this time, I will not be dressing up myself, but having two kids under two, I’m having fun dressing them up! I will be doing a Halloween manicure, though!

  3. Susan T. says

    I’m not really dressing up since I’m just staying home but I do have a turkey hat I’ll be wearing to give out candy!

  4. Sharon Braswell says

    No, not dressing up this year. No one comes out for trick or treating to our rural areas much anymore and it’s all about my great nieces and nephews now and what they are dressing up as! I used to have parties and everyone would dress up and have a blast!! Happy Halloween!!

  5. Karen B says

    Only if you count black pants and shirt, and black/orange stripped socks with pumpkins on them as a costume!

  6. Janice Hougland says

    I dress up as a witch and I dress my Yorkie as my “familiar.” 🙂 I love looking at all the costumes that come by.

  7. karen chappell says

    I have a witch costume i wear every yr to pass out candy.
    Our town does halloween 2 nites.30th and 31st. I will be on a plane coming home from florida on the 30th. So i will miss the first nite. But on the 31st i hope to get my spooky stuff going .

  8. says

    To be honest, I’m not sure whether or not I’m dressing up this year. The thing is, I’m an adult ESOL teacher, and our school doesn’t really allow costumes on Halloween if the holiday happens to fall on a school night, as it does this year. This is because there’s a security risk; some people (especially guys) might decide to wear masks, and there would be no way of knowing whether or not they’re actually students,, or outsiders coming in to make trouble.

    However…..I’m considering sneaking in a costume, in a bag, and putting it on in the classroom. Hee, heeeee!!! I’ll explain! I have a Harry Potter Gryffindor robe, as well as the necktie, sweater vest, and even an illuminating magic wand!! I could go sign in at the office wearing just a white blouse and black pants and low boots, and, when I get to my classroom, put on the rest of the costume. What do you think? Sneaky, huh? I wear the black pants and boots to school every night, anyway!

    Of course, I suppose I would then have to let my students do the same. So I need to think about this…..

    HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! Thanks so much for putting together and hosting this AWESOME giveaway hop!!!! <3 🙂

  9. Sylvia M. says

    I have never dressed up for Halloween and won’t be this year either. It is interesting to see other people’s costume choices, though.

  10. Rebekah Gyger says

    No. The only time I have ever dressed up was when work wanted us to. But I won’t be there for Halloween this year, instead I will be at dinner and a movie with fam!

  11. says

    I’m kind of dressing up. My church is putting on a play/musical and I’m the Jester. I’ll be dressing up for dress rehearsals and performances all around Halloween, so close enough. 🙂

  12. says

    I won’t go all out dressing up this year; I’ll be giving out candy. We’re in the process of deciding what our babies will be dressed up as though! Thanks for the giveaway! 😀
    Maggie recently posted…Bookish Boy ToysMy Profile

  13. Amber Terry says

    I won’t really be dressing up aside from wearing a Halloween shirt 🙂

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  14. Karen Gagnon says

    I am not dressing up but I’m looking forward to seeing all the kids in their costumes! =D

  15. Alabell says

    Nope, because we don’t much celebrate Halloween in my country. And also I will be at work 🙂

  16. Renee Rousseau says

    I’m wearing my “This is my Pumpkin Spice Tee” Shirt with skull tattoo sleeves too workout class, but in the evening I will be the purveyor of treats.

  17. Laurajj says

    I am going to be a bowling pin, since our little one has now decided he wants to be a bowling ball!

  18. says

    I’m too old to go trick or treating, but I might dress up if I get invited to a party or something. It would be fun though!

  19. Kym A says

    I went to a readers con last week and dressed as superwoman, I usually don’t dress up

    Thanks for the hop !

  20. Janie McGaugh says

    I’m not planning on dressing up for Halloween. It’s been a lot of years since I’ve done so.

  21. jellylovesbooks says

    Nope, I will not be dressing up for Halloween. I’ll probably just wear something black. 😀

  22. Stacy Renee says

    Not entirely, no. I did make a deer mask to wear while I take my daughter trick-or-treating though.

  23. Heather E. says

    Yes, I am dressing up for Halloween. Unfortunately, I’m not sure what I will be this year yet. I only have a few more days, so I need to figure it out!

  24. Jo Anne V says

    Not dressing up — going to be myself — this year we aren’t having a Halloween part going to celebrate the Day of the Dead on Nov 1

  25. Terra Heck says

    I’m attending a Halloween party and will be dressing up as a bloody nurse. Thanks.

  26. Jeanna Massman says

    My family and I are dressing up as M & M ‘s or my grandson ‘s trunk or treat at his school.

  27. Toni P. says

    I’m going as a tiefling (part demon) again this year. It doesn’t change a lot from year to year, but the costume and accessories do change. If I hadn’t been so busy this year, I might’ve chose something else.

  28. Jill Myrick says

    No, not this year. My children will be the only ones dressing up this year.


  29. Alina R says

    I’m kinda dressing up. I’m going to wear a spiderman mask because my nephews want to go as superhero.

  30. Jerry Marquardt says

    I did not dress up this year. I passed out candy out early and then made a nice “scary” dinner later on Halloween.