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Review MARCEL by Eda Akaltun @edosatwork @FlyingEyeBooks

I received this book at no cost from the publisher. .

Review MARCEL by Eda Akaltun @edosatwork @FlyingEyeBooksMarcel by Eda Akaltun
ISBN: 1909263753
Published by Flying Eye Books on September 20th 2016
Pages: 40
Source: Publisher

Marcel, a French Bulldog, is a New Yorker through and through--he and his human know the best spots, especially in downtown Manhattan. But when a new human suddenly enters their lives at Central Park, they're spending all their time in uptown! Everything is changing and it looks like this new human isn't going anywhere. Why couldn't everything stay as it was? Why did things have to change? Find out what happens between this Frenchie and the new human in his life in a story where change can be good and bring new adventures! This touching picture book is a nice way to help a child understand a parent's new partner or spouse.
Eda Akaltun is a New York–based illustrator and printmaker from Istanbul. Prior to her work with Flying Eye, her illustrations can be found in the Nobrow magazine, of which she is a founding contributor.

Marcel is a French BullDog living in New York City with his human. Things are perfect until she brings another human into the mix. Marcel is territorial when it comes to his human and doesn’t like the new one. Over time and many walks and cuddles, Marcel starts to accept this new human into his life. The story helps children adjust to change with humor and wonderful graphics. The images are spot on and display the full emotions of a small dog in a big city. The ending leaves an opening for several more adventures for this puppy. The story is perfect for toddlers and young children just starting to read. The words are easy to understand and have enough repetition to make it easy to sound things out.