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Since the holiday season is just starting, I am so thankful for my readers and the encouragement they have given me to keep blogging.  This was a stressful year with the loss of three people dear to me and I was really tempted to quit blogging.   So THANK YOU.
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  1. Liz Evans says

    I’ve been blessed but the thing im most grateful for is both my daughter & son in law are safely home this year, instead of on deployment.

  2. Loretta s. says

    There are so many things I’m thankful for but good health is at the top of the list for my family and my myself.

  3. adriana palma says

    im thankful that im in good health and that i have what i need and that i came to canada last year.

  4. Linda Romer says

    This year I am grateful for my family. They have been very supportive since the recent passing of my sister. We are all supporting each other in this time of deep sorrow. Thank you ♡

  5. Kelly Nicholson says

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    What are you thankful for this year?

    another year alive..things are getting sketchy in the world

  6. Melissa Crisp says

    I’m thankful for the 8 months I had with my dad this yr. But even more thankful for the last 33 yrs I’ve had with him.

  7. says

    I’m thankful for my family whether in good or bad and my recent discovery of these fantastic musicians in a band called Ling Tosite Sigure. And of course my love of reading and the joy it brings me.

  8. Margie says

    I am thankfujl for my family, and that they are all in good health.
    Thanks for much for this giveaway.

  9. Corey Clancy says

    I am thankful for my family, my husband and daughters, and for being able to walk another year.

  10. Judi Torres says

    My mother..She’s getting older and more frail so I’m grateful that she is still here with me.Also my aunt who is my mother’s older sister and like my other mother.I love them to pieces!

  11. Fee Roberts says

    I’m thankful my family is healthy and safe, and that I’m here to see my grandchildren as they grow.

  12. says

    Thankful for so many things, but especially my husband. When I was facing job loss and trying to find “just anything.” He comforted me when that “anything” was stressing me out. He told me we’d be okay, and we are. 🙂

  13. Karen Deva says

    I am thankful that my family is healthy and that my kids are growing up to be people who make me proud every day.

  14. Colleen Schindler says

    I’m thankful that after I lost my job I found another one with better pay within a month

  15. DebraG says

    We recently experienced some loss in my family and so I am truly thankful for who is still with us.

  16. says

    I’m thankful to my children and grandchildren. I’ve had the toughest year of my life this year and their love and caring helped me get through it.

  17. Michelle Lewis says

    I am thankful for a Lord and Savior who loves me so much. I’m also thankful for my family and my good health.

  18. Sue Sattler says

    I’m thankful for the beautiful house we moved into on Oct. 1st. It’s so nice here, we watch the deer play in the backyard and the peacefulness is good for my soul.

  19. Cathy French says

    I am thankful for my boyfriend of over 17 years. The year started out quite hectic for us financially and I’m thankful we made it through

  20. Paol Trenny says

    I am grateful for so many things…my family health, living in a great country, and that our holiday wishes will come true soon.

  21. Kelly says

    I am thankful that my health continues to improve, and I am thankful that I have a family that surrounds me with love no matter what. I am quite blessed, and not one moment passes that I am not completely aware of that.

  22. lissa crane says

    My family’s health! We had a bit of a scare this year & it’s ok now, but it really made us look at things differently!

  23. Ellie Wright says

    I’m thankful for my kids and grandchildren. And most of all for my wonderful hubby of 33 years.

  24. Silvia F. says

    I am thankful for finally finding a great doctor that believes in me and wants to help me and my husband do everything we can to try and have a child.

  25. traci16 says

    Thankful for family, friends and the ability to get up and enjoy another day. Thanks for the giveaway

  26. Cheryl Johnosn says

    I am thankful for my family, my church family and all my friends living and dead. God Bless them. Keep God First In Your Life.
    Great Giveaway.

  27. Heather McKenzie Carter says

    I am thankful for my health- and the support group of amazing women I met online (and eventually in real life at a medical conference) after a year of crazy ups and downs.

  28. Anita H. says

    I’m so thankful for having a roof over my head, food on the table and a loving family! Thanks for the chance to win your giveaway!

  29. Barbara Elness says

    I’m thankful that I’m able to go home for Thanksgiving to see my son and daughter-in-law, as well as my sister and her family.

  30. Piper says

    I am thankful that I finally went full vegan this year. It has affected my health in such a positive way.

  31. Melinda Dartmann says

    I am thankful for the love God has chosen to bestow upon me. The wonderful books that line my bookshelves, the pot of tea I drink and the simple but wonderful life I have.

  32. Amy Pollard Woolard says

    I am thankful for Family! My mother has just found out that she has cancer & I am so thankful for the time that I have to spend with her

  33. Ashley Trail says

    I am thankful for the events in the past few months that have snowballed into total chaos which sparked my mental breakdown and the need to open up and get into therapy and deal with issues for myself and as a family. It has been exactly what I knew I needed I just had no idea it would play out like this!

  34. Angelme O. says

    I am thankful for all the things God has blessed me, especially now that I and my family are together already. I was thankful God gave me my husband and my baby girl.

  35. cathy c says

    i am so grateful that this year I get to go home to NY to see all of my family for both Thanksgiving and Christmas for the first time in 5 years!

  36. says

    There is so much for which I am thankful. At times, I feel sorry for myself because the remodeling of our house has taken so much longer than anticipated, but then I see someone who has no home and I realize I am blessed. Some days I fuss over the effect that the economy has had on our budget, and then I remember that there are those who are hungry. I let trivial matters upset me, and then I see my healthy, beautiful family and I know I have so much. God is good.

  37. says

    I have not had a good year, so I am sitting here trying to think of something good and I really can’t say there is anything other than I do have a very good husband and an adorable yorkie whom I both love love and they love me back unconditionally. Thru all the sickness this year, I know I have looked and felt better, but these 2 heroe’s have stayed by my side. So, I guess that is a good thing and I thank them for being here for me.

  38. Lauren A. says

    I’m thankful for my wonderful family. They always care and try to help me with whatever I’m going through.

  39. Claire Rheinheimer says

    I’m thankful that God watches over my children all the time. My daughter was just in an accident this morning and she’s not hurt at all. Thank you Jesus!

  40. Suz Reads says

    I am thankful for my friends, family, and cat Buddy! Thanks for this amazing giveaway – I would love to win!

  41. Crystal says

    I am so thankful for family this year. Especially that my mom is doing well trying to stave off cancer.

  42. Natalie Brown says

    I am certainly thankful that, despite being disabled, I have enough each month and have a nice life. 🙂

  43. Sarah L says

    My thankful list is very long. An attitude of gratitude is my motto. Right now I’m thankful for a warm house.
    Thanks for the contest.

  44. says

    I’m thankful for my family, my new job, and my friends. I am also thankful that while I miss my grandmother, I know she is at peace with my grandfather now.

    Thank you for the giveaway and the chance to win!

  45. robyn donnelly says

    I am thankful for being this well after major surgery and being back with loved ones again.

  46. Cynthia R says

    This year I am thankful we got to take a few breaks and go on some nice vacations. Last 2 years have been crazy work schedules.

  47. Linda Trinklein says

    Im thankful for my family and the opportunity to be able to go visit them ! Thanks for the chance.

  48. says

    Last year I was very sick around this time. I ended up having major surgery on December 4th and it took me two months to recover. We never even put up our tree or decorated the house for Christmas because I had no holiday spirit. This year I am truly thankful to be healthy again and able to enjoy the holidays.
    Stacy recently posted…The Martian – a Book Review AND a Movie ReviewMy Profile

  49. Deanna says

    i’m thankful for my amazing family and friends…and also for all the great books i’ve had the chance to read 🙂

  50. Beverly Gordon says

    I am thankful for my family after all the loss we have experienced the last 3 years I am truly blessed to have known them and knowing them makes me who I am so I am thankful for all of them blood or chosen I am also especially thankful to be able to read so I can experience different worlds everyday its a blessing

  51. says

    I am thankful for life, for my family and friends who make my life beautiful and worth living and enjoying 🙂
    Also I am thankful to god for giving me awesome surprise during the begining of final college year and I hope my friends get their much awaited surprise soon 🙂

  52. brenda moris says

    For my family! I am sick and I am having a bad life but while my family is good I feel thankful 🙂

  53. Shanna Beam says

    This year, I am thankful for my family & my friends for being such a great support system for me this year. It’s been a rough one…